Frontend website for Faina.PT. Mailing list to help people (mostly Portuguese) finding their away around London/UK



What is Faina.PT ?

Faina.PT is a Faina.PT Google Group created to help and support people (mostly Portuguese) finding their way around the world (mostly London city or all over the UK).

You can ask anything, just be polite and respectful with each-other.


How to join the Faina.PT ?

To be part of Faina.PT mailling list, you first need to accept an invite.

If you wish to receive a invite, please send a brief email to fainapt+owners@googlegroups.com and mention how you can contribute or why you want to be part of this group.

How do I removed myself from the group ?

To remove yourself from the group and stop receiving email, just send an email to fainapt+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com

How do I send messages to Faina.PT ?

1) You need to be part of the group

2) Send you email to fainapt@googlegroups.com

How do I see previous messages ?

Follow this link to list all previous messages https://groups.google.com/forum/#!categories/fainapt

Any suggestions or ideas ?

Please send your email with suggestion to the group or any private message send it to the group owner’s email fainapt+owners@googlegroups.com

Here to help !

Hope this was helpful!

All the best, Antonio Feijao UK

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